About us

About us

This is an online TV platform founded by Dr. Oriyomi Hamzat  ,a political activist, journalist ,philanthropist and a fighter for the masses and less privileged who intends to reveal the world’s truth as he embarks on his journey to help the less privileged and keep the future off the sidewalks of life.

He founded ‘Agidigbo Radio’ as a radio station dedicated to the revival of the Yoruba ethnic and cultural values. He is also the convener of Make A Future Alive as a platform to safeguard the fate of neglected and abandoned kids of our society.

An advocate of truth, equity, unity and tolerance and he preaches this at all times with his profession as a presenter and broadcast journalist.  He created the alternative conflict resolution programmes ‘Kokoro Alate’ and ‘Kato Domo Eye Loro’ which is a platform to address marital conflicts and societal dispute respectively.

This is part of his journey as the hope of the masses.



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We advocate for poor masses


We are independent, impartial, and respected third party

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Trust us we always unveil the secret of every matters

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Helping the less privileged

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