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After 21 years jail term, Oriyomi Hamzat gives man convicted for murder a new lease of life

Oriyomi Hamzat gives man convicted for murder a new lease of life

A man identified as Sodiq Ogunsola has been availed a new attempt as living life as a righteous and responsible member of the society by Oriyomi Hamzat as he helps him evoke concerns and aid from the public.

Ogunsola, who had been jailed for a one count charge of murder, 21 years ago recently, regained his freedom after serving the jail term. He had been convicted for being the mastermind of the death of one Funmi Bakare who happened to be his lover. The said Bakare who is the daughter of a navy officer based in the federal capital, Abuja, died due to complications from an attempt to abort the pregnancy she had for Ogunsola.

Ogunsola, a cobbler protested his arrest and proclaimed his innocence but his plea fell on deaf ears. He was sentenced to a 21-year jail term at the age of 23. After serving the jail term, he was clueless about life. Well-wishers referred him to Oriyomi Hamzat who he recalled had also briefly spent time at Agodi Correctional Centre where he had been remanded by the court for an alleged murder crime.

Oriyomi Hamzat has hence taken it upon himself to reorient Ogunsola and elicit support for him from well-meaning Nigerians. This has not gone unnoticed as several Nigerians turned out in support of Ogunsola donating to the cause of feeding, clothing, providing accommodation and getting a befitting means of income for him.

Ogunsola expressed his gratitude to Nigerians and Oriyomi Hamzat for availing him the opportunity to take another shot at life.

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