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Dr. Oriyomi Hamzat was born into a family of media practitioners in the early 1970s in the ancient city of Ibadan. His father Alhaj Adekunle Hamzat is a veteran broadcaster who had once worked with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Ibadan and then the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State. He hailed from Akinyele area of Ibadan North  Local Government, Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria.

He started his academic sojourn from St.John Primary School and eventually finished his primary education at Fadly Umar Ahmadiyyah School. He thereafter proceeded to Iroko Community Grammar School along Oyo Road before branching to Pade School of Sciences to complete his secondary education.

After secondary schooling, he spent about a decade seeking admission into higher institutions of learning across the country. He eventually was granted admission to study Linguistic and Language Arts at the University of Ibadan, an opportunity he declined for the love of sciences and Geology per say.


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